Seven minutes of footage from The War Z

The reasons that Day Z could have been a failure far outnumber the reasons it is a success. Being a mod built on (and limited by) the ARMA II engine is chief among the reasons why it will never gain mainstream appeal but simultanously a reason why some people have such a fascination for the game – the simulation style of ARMA II is generally unfamiliar and adds another level of mystique for a majority of the audience.

Due to the singular, seemingly happenstance nature of Day Z’s success, it should come as no surprise that similar games are coming out of the woodwork. The farthest along of the pack is The War Z, which has actually been in development for over a year now and is built on an engine designed specifically for the game. Having not been a mod, The War Z comes off as generally more polished even in its alpha state than its more popular sibling, which shows in over seven minutes of gameplay released by IGN.

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Source: IGN | Via: Polygon | Image: The War Z