Borderlands 2 review round-up

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands was a surprise hit upon launch. It managed to meld the appeal of loot-heavy dungeon-crawlers with the more in-your-face action of first-person-shooters, and now the sequel is looking to improve on the great ideas of the original.

Here are some snippets from the largely positive reviews:

  • Polygon (7.5/10) – Borderlands 2 is unquestionably a better game than Borderlands. The new emphasis on elemental weapons and dismemberment make for better combat scenarios, and the constant character improvement is a great push forward for players looking for long-term rewards. But sticking around for those payoffs requires more patience than I’d hoped. -Arhur Gies
  • Joystiq (4.5/5) – Borderlands 2 is full of memorable moments and silly, crass folks – and if those silly, crass folks happen to be your friends, it’s easily one of the best co-op experiences out there, and one of the best games I’ve played all year. -Dave Hinkle
  • Giant Bomb (4/5) – Borderlands 2 is a better game in most of the ways that matter, but some of that is brought down by the familiarity of the experience. Perhaps some of that is on me and spending a couple hundred hours with the first game has rendered me resilient to some of the new game’s charms, but as someone who went into Borderlands 2 with a sickness that I thought only more Borderlands could cure, I’m left feeling like I didn’t receive a full dose this time around. -Jeff Gerstmann
  • GameSpot (8.5/10) – Borderlands 2 doesn’t reach far beyond its predecessor’s scope, but it does do almost everything better. Additions, refinements, and fixes all combine to create an appreciably improved experience, one that fully delivers on the promise of the first game. While Borderlands felt empty at times, this sequel is bursting with content and brimming with life, making it an absolutely delightful way to spend hours and hours and hours of your free time. -Chris Watters
  • IGN (9/10) – Borderlands 2 preserves the best parts of the franchise while also making numerous, much needed improvements to areas like narrative and class skill design. Additional visual customization options would make it better, and the occasional technical issue takes away from the experience, but overall this is an excellent shooter no one even remotely curious should overlook. Prepare to level. Prepare to loot. Prepare to get lost in the hilarious, bizarre and wonderful world of Pandora. -Anthony Gallegos

Borderlands 2.” So, the game is pretty good. It sounds like Gearbox has taken many of the issues people had with the original to heart, but not all of the issues were completely ironed-out– hello bad boss encounters. Also, the PC version received its due attention this time around. Hooray!

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