Sony announces third-gen slim PlayStation 3

It has been rumored for months, and Sony finally decided that it was time to out its latest generation of the PlayStation 3 hardware.

Sony has had a few big announcements at the currently underway Tokyo Game Show, and the biggest was the reveal of a new, even slimmer version of the PS3. The new hardware is 50% smaller than than the original PlayStation 3, and 25% smaller than the previous slim model. The new version isn’t nearly as small as the slim PS2 released during a similar time in its generation, but smaller is better, right?

Unfortunately, the new model does not follow the traditional model of hardware refreshes when it comes to price. The new model comes in two configurations, a $269 250GB model that bundles the “Game of the Year” edition of Uncharted 3 and $30 worth of Dust 514 content, and a 500GB model that comes in at $299. These prices aren’t exactly cheap, and actually come in $20 higher at the low end when compared to the current 160GB slim offering.

Also of note, the previous models’ slot-loading drive has been replaced by a manual sliding door mechanism that reveals a top/side-loading drive. A common line from those who have laid eyes on the new hardware is that it isn’t exactly beautiful.

The new PS3 models are set to hit US shelves next Tuesday, August 25.

Source: PlayStation Blog