Left 4 Dead 2 getting Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop has come a long way from its humble beginnings fueling Skyrim’s mod community. The number of games that now support Steam’s distribution infrastructure for player-created content has grown to 11, with two new titles being introduced this weekend – Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2. Those two are celebrating the big upgrade with a great sale that knocks down the price of each to $6.79.

Valve has also announced that one of their evergreen multiplayer titles, Left 4 Dead 2, would be getting a workshop treatment in the near future. Anyone familiar with the game’s multiplayer is undoubtedly acqainted to the mutations that mix up combat on a daily basis by manipulating AI and spawning. These modifications can be layered both on top of the normal suite of maps that come with the official release and user-created levels, making the experience customizable from top to bottom. Knowing Valve’s strategies in Team Fortress 2, user-created mutations will likely have a chance at being integrated into the normal matchmaking rotations, making Steam Workshop capability that much more appealing for aspiring modders.

The release date for the Workshop-laden update has yet to be announced.

Source: Left 4 Dead blog