Blizzard considering F2P for Starcraft II multiplayer

The lead designer of Starcraft II, Dustin Browder, recently fielded a question about the potential for free-to-play in Blizzard’s star eSports game. At a convention taking place in Valencia, Spain centered distinctly around eSports, Browder said that Blizzard was in fact looking at the option but was wrestling with monetization potential. Due to the critical game balance aspect of SCII, simply stripping out certain units from play for unpaying players seems like a total non-starter. Cosmetic additions also seem inappropriate for the relatively cohesive art style of the game. Nonetheless, Blizzard taking a look at the model is a good indication of the future of their online offerings and may even take effect by the time the last Protoss-dedicated Starcraft II title is released.

Source: PC Games N