Gamerscore-based discounts come to XBL Gold Members

Ever since gamerscore came to Xbox Live with the Xbox 360, there seemed to be an undercurrent of people asking “why doesn’t my gamerscore get me anything?” After nearly seven years, Microsoft’s hearing seems to have finally hit an equilibrium with this constant humming with their announcement of ‘MyAchievements’ for Xbox Live Rewards.

Rewards has long been a standard rewards program with tiny rewards for relatively big investment – buy a year of Xbox Live Gold, get $2.50 worth of Microsoft Points. Complete a short survey, get a quarter’s worth of Points. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that the MyAchievements has equally meager but long awaited awards. As you can see from the image above, loyal members of the Xbox Live Rewards program that are also subscribed to Xbox Live Gold are entitled to 1% worth of rebates for purchases on Live for anyone who has over 10k Gamescore and 2% worth for 25k+ Gamerscore. Having 3k Score or more will also net you a gift for your birthday equal in value to $0.25 or 20 Points – likely an avatar item. Incredible.

Source: Xbox LIVE Rewards | Via: Shacknews