Thank You (and another great journey comes to an end)

Hey there. Jonathan Downin (main man, and GTD and TTD guy) here. I’ll cut right to the chase and leave my ruminations until the hard part is over. Game Thing Daily and Tech Thing Daily as they have been are coming to an end. Loyal readers, listeners, and watchers will have noticed that content has slowed to trickle in recent weeks, and rather than let the sites go silent with no explanation, I thought it best to address it.

GTD launched in November of 2010 with the goal of providing media-rich daily posts that would bring the biggest pieces of news from the gaming world to those who don’t have time to follow the up-to-the-minute grind of the mainstream gaming press. I feel like we accomplished that, but for various reasons, some known, some not so much, we constantly struggled to find an audience. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the small group of loyal visitors, we absolutely do (you are the best, actually), but at some point it’s time to move on to greater things.

Among the greatest accomplishments of GTD, and one I hold most dear, was the leap I took with the weekly news wrap-up show GTD Weekly. GTD Weekly invigorated me in many ways, and led me in a direction of video production that is absolutely invaluable to me. Unfortunately, much like GTD and TTD, GTD Weekly had a strong start, and despite having a vocally appreciative fanbase, has followed a declining trajectory over the months. Video production takes a lot of time and effort, and at this point I don’t think GTD Weekly is likely to capture the viewership that I think it deserves. Believe me, this in particular disappoints me as much as it does anyone.

So, where do we go from here? I am no stranger to pivoting my endeavors. My previous site, CastMedium, met a similar fate, so the feeling of moving on from something I care about is a something I am painfully familiar with. There is one thing that I will never be able to move on from though, and that’s the desire to create something that I believe in and finds an audience, so I shan’t be gone long. What happens next? I’m not quite sure yet, but I have some ideas.

For the time being, you will still be able to find my work on Joystiq and Gamers With Jobs. I am also eminently reachable on Twitter (@jonathandownin). In the vein of video content, I am currently producing the newly launched GWJ Plays series of gameplay videos by Gamers With Jobs, and that is just getting started. I also dabbled with doing Let’s Play type videos on YouTube a few months ago, and plan to revisit that in the not-too-distant future.

I couldn’t make a post like this without giving a HUGE shout-out to Mr. Jonathan Cole, my long-time cohort and ever-generous partner on GTD, TTD, and previously CastMedium. He is an incredible person, so make sure to follow him on Twitter (@jonathanacole) as well. When I launch my next endeavor, and if he’s up for it, he will be the first name on my list to join the project.

I know this is getting a little long-winded, but if there was ever a time to indulge myself, this seems like it. Thanks again to all who enjoyed the content we put out over the almost 2 years. It was great fun, sometimes stressful, a lot of work, and an amazing learning experience. All content will continue to be available, and as soon as the next thing materializes, you will see word here.

See you on the Internet!

Image: Explodingdog

  • mcwizardry

    Thanks for making GTD Weekly, they have been an informative and enjoyable round-up on all things videogames.

    • Jonathan Downin

      You got it! Thanks for watching. It may not have been successful quite in the format it was in, but the idea is solid. Hopefully I’ll have something to fill that hole sometime soon.

  • Kyosho

    Ah man, sorry to see this go. GTD has been my way of getting gaming news ever since you first talked about it on the GWJ podcast. I wonder, what about it hasn’t been successful? If it is lack of ad revenue, it could be because of people like me, who only view the updates via an RSS reader. And therefore don’t see the ads. Maybe embed the ads into the RSS? Though I suppose it is too late at this point. Thanks for all the great content and hard work that went into the site. I’m going to miss it.

  • jsonaut

    I enjoyed your podcasts and especially your youtube vids, really well produced and more authentic than a lot of stuff on the net. Thanks for all your effort, and I’ll be first in line for whatever you decide to do next. Cheers.

  • Graham

    Thanks for all your hard work Jonathan. I miss hearing you and Mr. Cole in my headphones on my commute. Looking forward to your next endeavor.